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Official Riverside Store – everything you need, directly from the band

About store

Welcome to the official Riverside store, run by the Shelter of Mine Official Riverside Fan Club. We love Rivereside, so we always do our best to ensure that the products you order are of the highest quality, carefully packed, in line with your order and delivered as soon as possible. Fan Club members have 5% lower prices.

We are not able to handle a huge number of orders every day, but we do everything to ensure that the ordered goods arrive quickly and safely.

If there is a mistake, don’t worry and just write to us: We will take care of it immediately. Last year it happened in less than 0.3% of cases.

We are very pleased that you want to be our customer. We hope you will stay with us for longer.

contact information

The owner of the store is Backstage Communitires Sp. z o.o.
with headquarters at
Słonimskiego 6, 50 – 304 Wroclaw
NIP (tax identification number): 895 – 218 – 75 – 82

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