Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg Limited Edition 3LP+2CD


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The album “Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” was previously only available as a strictly limited fan club release. The Tilburg show was one of Riverside’s biggest concerts on the 2015 European tour promoting the album “Love, Fear and the Time Machine”. “Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” also documents the band’s last tour with the original guitarist and co-founder of Riverside, Piotr Grudziński, who passed away in February 2016. The release includes thrilling live versions of “Lost”, “The Depth Of Self-Delusion” or “The Same River” is available as a limited 2CD + DVD Mediabook (first on DVD!) and as a 3LP gatefold on 180 grams vinyl.


  1. A01. Lost
  2. A02. Feel Like Falling
  3. A03. HyperactiveB01. Conceiving You
  4. B02. Panic Room

    B03. Under The Pillow

    C01. The Depth Of Self-Delusion

    C02. Saturate Me

    D01. Egoist Hedonist

    D02. We Got Used To Us

    E01. Escalator Shrine

    F01. The Same River

  5. F02. Found


    CD 1

    1. Lost (Live in Tilburg) (07:56)
    2. Feel Like Falling (Live in Tilburg) (05:36)
    3. Hyperactive (Live in Tilburg) (05:29)
    4. Conceiving You (Live in Tilburg) (05:04)
    5. Panic Room (Live in Tilburg) (05:43)
    6. Under The Pillow (Live in Tilburg) (06:48)
    7. The Depth Of Self-Delusion (Live in Tilburg) (07:32)
    8. Saturate Me (Live in Tilburg) (07:22)


    CD 2

    1. Egoist Hedonist (Live in Tilburg) (07:22)
    2. We Got Used To Us (Live in Tilburg) (05:37)
    3. Escalator Shrine (Live in Tilburg) (20:25)
    4. The Same River (Live in Tilburg) (13:03)
    5. Found (Live in Tilburg) (05:48)

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