Riverside – Reality Dream DVD


Label: ProgTeam Management
Release date: 2009

Last pieces !!! Shelter of Mine sells the legendary DVD concert “Reality Dream” from 2009. The show is a summary The Trilogy – „Out of Myself”, “Second Life Syndrome” and “Rapid Eye Movement” – therefor the tracklist contains the greatest hits from the first period of the band’s activity. The show is breathtaking – you can admire our beloved musicians in perfect form, focused on playing, performing each song with great passion. For us this is one of the most important concert DVDs, equel to DVDs of the greatest bands – Pink Floyd or Depeche Mode. It was very well realized as well – flawless montage and additional effects make the image even more enjoyable. If this item is not yet on your shelves, you must have it – the experiences are priceless.

Shelter of Mine is currently one and only distributor of “Reality Dream”. Until the end of October it is reserved for Club Members, from November 1 it will be possible to buy it from outside the Fan Club.

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The Same River 11:31
Out Of Myself 03:39
Volte-Face 08:47
Rainbow Box 03:36
02 Panic Room 04:09
Reality Dream III 05:01 (instrumental)
I Turned You Down 05:05
Dance With The Shadow 11:30
Parasomnia 07:45
Second Life Syndrome 16:13
The Curtain Falls 09:38

12. Before 06:08
13. Ultimate Trip 13:46
Bonus Features
Live Performances:

Beyond The Eyelids 07:56 ( Unna, Germany 2007 )
Loose Heart 04:55
Back To The River 06:15 ( Montreal, Canada 2008 )
Conceiving You 03:39
I Believe 04:20 ( Aschaffenburg, Germany 2007 )
Lucid Dream IV 06:39 ( Fulda, Germany 2008 )
Reality Dream II 04:45 ( Baarlo, Holland 2006 )
Behind the Curtain
A film by John Vis
Photo Gallery

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